Cortes de Baza

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The towns included in this district are: Campo Camara, La Teja, Las Cucharetas, and Los Laneros.

Cortes de Baza is located in the northeastern corner of the province of Granada. The Río Castril crosses the area and passes through the town of Cortes. The local parish church dating back to the 15th century is of great interest; it has a beautiful Mudejar coffered ceiling. You can also see the remains of an old castle, built in the 12th century by the Muslims.

Cortes de Baza has a number of attractive farmhouses where you can stay. The festivities in honour of saints San Cosme and San Damian take place on the penultimate weekend of August.

Although there is little information about Cortes de Baza, we do know that it was a human settlement in Prehistoric times, illustrated by the numerous sites in the area known as Hoya de Baza. Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans inhabited the region of Baza. This town had a period of splendour during the Arab era, when complex irrigation systems were built. They are still standing today but started to lapse into disuse during the rebellion of the Moors and their subsequent expulsion.

The area was conquered by the Catholic Kings in 1489 but later went into decline. In the Muslim era, in the 13th century, a fortress was built to help guard against the Castilian advance. Today, you can still see the foundations of the building.

Cereals, fruits and extra virgin olive oil are all produced here. Fish is also an important ingredient in local cuisine. Traditional puddings include a variation on porridge called Gachas, an excellent dessert for cool nights. It is made with wheat flour, olive oil, toasted croutons, sugar and dates or prunes.


Information about the Municipality

Region: El Altiplano: Baza and Huescar
Poblaciones del municipio: Campo Cámara
Postcode: 18814
Distance from Granada (km): 131
Number of inhabitants: 2388
People: Cortesanos
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Iglesia de la Anunciación

Cortes de Baza

This church was built between the 16th and 17th centuries. Its Mudejar coffered ceiling are especially beautiful – they were made by local Moorish craftsmen out of pinewood. The church has one central nave and a lovely dome over the [...]

Celebrations of August

Cortes de Baza

They are celebrated the weekend before the last weekend of August. They are organized to honour the villagers who live out of the village and they come back during their summer holidays. There is a parade of floats very famous [...]

Day of the Candelaria

Cortes de Baza

Celebration in which there is the lottery of a cake and the money goes to charity. After, the whole village participates in the tasting of the cake with chocolate, organized by the women of the village.

Celebrations of the Santos Médicos (San Cosme y San Damián)

Cortes de Baza

The most popular celebrations in Cortes de Baza are in honour of San Cosme and San Damian, the Santos Medicos. A few years ago these celebrations start taking place in August, because on their day, in September, there were a [...]


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