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Chauchina is situated in the Vega of Granada, among poplar groves and manicured gardens on the banks of the Río Genil. This natural enclave and riverside forest offers great hiking opportunities around Chauchina and the surrounding towns of Romilla and Romilla la Nueva. It has a mainly agricultural landscape with many tobacco-drying factories, which are some of the most interesting buildings in the area, together with the local farmhouses and farmsteads. You will notice that the plots of land are neatly divided – the result of the successive divisions of the land.

The airport Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen is located in this municipality.

In the 14th century Ibn al-Khatib mentions the town as Yayyana. More references are made to a fortress called the Torre de Roma, which was built in the town in the turbulent late Middle Ages.

The name Chauchina reputedly derives from the Latin word sancius, a corruption of salix (willow), because of the many willow trees along the riverbank. There is evidence of human presence in the Neolithic and Iberian times, as various ceramic artefacts and coins have been found here.

The settlement grew in the Muslim period. The legendary Torre de Roma, in the words of Washington Irving, “was a retreat built by the count Julian as a consolation for his daughter Florinda” and played an important role in many battles. Muslims occupied the area from 711 and drained great parts of the wetlands near the river. Chauchina was one of the many farmsteads in the area, with between 500 and 1,000 inhabitants.

After the Reconquista and the later expulsion of the Moors the town was almost deserted. In the 18th century new people arrived to grow flax and hemp. After the War of Independence it came under the jurisdiction of the Duke of Wellington. The present town centre was built in the middle of the 19th century and grew quickly thanks to the sugar beet industry.

Specialities include Vega squid, onion rings, frogs legs, fried cod and asparagus omelette. The homemade sweets here are delicious, particularly the Virgen del Pincho made by nuns.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Granada and its surroundings
Postcode: 18330
Distance from Granada (km): 17
Number of inhabitants: 4365
People: Chauchineros
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Ermita de la Virgen del Espino


The Virgin del Espino has been venerated here in Chauchina for the past 100 years. Her image, housed in this chapel that bears her name, is looked after by the Capuchin sisters. It is a modest place of worship, built [...]

Iglesia parroquial del Santo Cristo de la Humildad


The centre of this town lies between the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and the parish church. The church was built towards the end of the 15th century and its original bell tower still remains.

Torre de Roma


This defensive tower is 538 metres tall and was built in the 15th century in the Nasrid period. It is one of the best-preserved towers of its kind in the province of Granada. The solid pyramidal trunk is made of [...]

La Peana


Next to the parish church the visitor will notice “La Peana”, a fragment of a column extracted from the quarries in Loja. The stone of which is made was used to build the Palacio de Carlos V in the Alhmabra.

Washington Irving route

Washington Irving was the prototype of the pure Romantic traveller, who passed most of his life travelling round Europe, and, attracted by the “exoticism” which the country then offered, naturally landed up in Spain. He was appointed Ambassador of the [...]

Certamen Internacional de Bandas de Música de Chauchina


The City council of Chauchina and the Delegation of Granada with the collaboration of the Council of Culture of the Junta of Andalucia summons this contest. Its objective is to enhance the musical values among the young people and to [...]

Celebrations in honour of the Virgen del Espino


This day commemorates the appearance of the Virgen del Espino to Rosario Martín, a old sick woman, in 1906. The miraculous treatment of the old woman is adjudged to the Virgin known under the invocation of the Espino, by the [...]

Celebrations in honour of San Marcos


It is celebrated on the 25th of April and it is a tradition mainly popular that consist on going out to the field with the family and to eat a hornazo (bun with a boiled egg inside) along the day.

Patron celebrations in honour of the Virgen del Rosario


In these patron celebrations the parade in honour of the Virgen del Rosario stands out. Besides the religious events, these days of celebrations have an animated atmosphere among the population. They have games, cultural events, fireworks and the expected night [...]


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