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Carchuna is in the centre of the municipality of Motril, on a plain called Llanos de Carchuna, and it runs along the Mediterranean Sea. Over time it has been the meeting point of different cultures. Today it is known for its beaches.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Costa Tropical
Municipio: Motril
Postcode: 18730
Web: Acceder a su web
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Carchuna Castle


The fortress was built in 1783 under the orders of King Carlos III as a defensive fort to protect against pirates. This square-shaped structure has a central patio and a ravelin, an excellent example of 18th-century military architecture.

Carchuna Beach


This is a very long beach – about 3 kilometres long and 40 metres wide. Even though it is popular with visitors, it never feels full. The back of the beach is flanked by greenhouses.  Like most of the coast [...]

Patron celebrations in honour of the Virgen de los Llanos and San Isidro Labrador


Popular celebration that take place the first week of July and in which sports competitions, games for kids and adults, meals for the entire town and night parties are organize.


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