Beas de Guadix

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Beas de Guadix is located on the plain of the Río Alhama on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, by the ancient Roman road that linked Guadix with Granada. This small village is immersed in nature and surrounded by vast pine forests and has many fantastic viewpoints, one of the most amazing being the Fin del Mundo with the Sierra Nevada in the background.

It also has archaeological sites from different periods and many cave dwellings that have been lived in from ancient times until the present day. It is also interesting to visit the old water mills and the old medieval wine press.

The origins of this town date back to Prehistoric times, as illustrated by the archaeological remains and the cave homes, which date back to the Argaric period. In Roman times the route from Granada to Guadix met the road to Peza here. In fact it seems that the Roman road gave the town its name. Experts believe it comes from the word via (road): Via Acci, (the road to Guadix). In addition, the remains of several villas show that this town grew in importance in the Roman period.

In Arab times the town remained important because of its strategic location, underlined by the construction of a defensive fortification in the Nasrid period. For years it suffered under countless military expeditions and served as a prison for the Christian soldiers who were captured in the skirmishes in the area and for a while was known as the Veas de los Cabtivos.

As the town is so close to the Río Alhama, much fresh fruit and vegetables are grown in the area, especially peaches, grapes, olives and grains. Typical local dishes include chicken with rice, Migas, and courgette soup.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Postcode: 18516
Distance from Granada (km): 58
Number of inhabitants: 377
People: Beatos


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Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación

Beas de Guadix

The construction of this church began in 1543 under the supervision of Nuño Cañizares probably on the site of the former mosque. It is a Mudejar style church with remains of an interesting coffered ceiling that can still be seen [...]

Celebration of Nuestra Señora de la Paz

Beas de Guadix

Religious celebrations in honour of Nuestra Señora de la Paz. It is celebrated with a fair which stays in the village for those days.

Celebrations in honour of San Lorenzo

Beas de Guadix

During three days they celebrate several acts, as the nocturnal parade in the eve of the day of the patron, the mass and parade in honour of San Lorenzo, the night parties, cultural and recreational activities for kids (clowns, puppets…) [...]


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