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Atalbéitar is situated in the eastern part of the municipality of La Taha and is one of the most modern towns of the region. Its history stretches no further back that the Muslim period. It is also one of the most peaceful, beautiful and fertile places in the region.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín
Municipio: La Taha
Postcode: 18414
Web: Acceder a su web


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Iglesia de la Virgen de Gracia


The church in Atalbéitar has a small rectangular nave. The presbytery is slightly elevated and is covered with a well-restored beamed roof. The bell tower and the sacristy are to one side of the building, connected to one another. The [...]

Celebrations in honour of Our Lady of Gracia


The Virgen de Gracia is the same that the Virgen of the Candelaria but with different clothes. The carving is taking in a parade around the streets of this little population centre. The celebrations include cucañas for the kids and [...]

La Candelaria


The carving of the Virgen de la Candelaria is taking in a parade around the entire village and they lit fireworks when it passes. In the main square they prepared a traditional stock which is distributed among the villagers.


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