Alicún de Ortega

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Alicún de Ortega is a small town located on a plain, near the Río Guadahortuna and practically on the border with the province of Jaen. It is one of the oldest villages in the province, and, as the Roman town of Acatucci, has a long history. Later it was known as Agatugia, and in the Middle Ages Arab texts referred to it as Al-Liqun or Al-liqut.

Later the Castilians, in whose power it fell under for some time during the Nasrid period, transcribed the name and called it variants such as Alicum, Alicur or Alicún, the latter becoming its definitive name after the final conquest by the Catholic Monarchs.

Here you can visit a beautiful church dating back to the 16th century and although there are many historical buildings to visit, Alicún de Ortega is also a fantastic place to simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings; lovely walks along the banks of the Río Guadahortuna or through the forests give this small town a wonderfully peaceful character.

This area has been inhabited since Prehistoric times. Important archaeological remains from the Neolithic and Iberian periods have been found. During the Roman era it is mentioned in the route from Arles (France) to Castulo (Linares) and described as having a population who had come from Basti, 28 kilometres from Acci (modern day Guadix).

In the 8th century the Muslims settled here and both the population and the town’s importance grew as it was used as a base for monitoring the borders. In 1315 the battle of Piedras Bermejas took place here, in which the Christian troops defeated the forces of the Moorish king of Granada and captured the town. But it was not until almost two centuries later when the Catholic Kings definitively conquered the town, just before the fall of Granada.

Alicún de Ortega has a lovely, varied cuisine. Thanks to its proximity to the Río Guadahortuna, a lot of farming and vineyards are in evidence, which produce good local produce and wines. Some of the most interesting dishes are Andrajos and Migas de Pan with potatoes. Local puddings include wine doughnuts and milk tarts.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Postcode: 18538
Distance from Granada (km): 104
Number of inhabitants: 563
People: Alicuneros
Web: Acceder a su web


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Ermita de San Roque

Alicún de Ortega

This simply built chapel is dedicated to San Roque.

Iglesia parroquial de Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación

Alicún de Ortega

This church is rectangular in shape with a single nave divided into two sections with a beautiful Mudejar-style coffered ceiling. It was completed in 1595 and was built on the site of a former Romanesque church that had in turn [...]

Virgen de Fátima

Alicún de Ortega

The celebrations in honour of the patron, the Virgen de Fatima, are celebrated with its famous romeria and the traditional meal of jam with beans.

Patron celebrations of San Roque

Alicún de Ortega

The patron celebrations, following the fair style, are celebrated in the middle of August in honour of San Roque. This way, the villagers organize a fair enclosure with many gastronomy, recreational and music possibilities.


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