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Aldeire sits on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada. Unlike many towns of this region, the origins of the name Aldeire are known: it comes from the Arabic word al-Dar (meaning the house) and may allude to a Mozarab monastery that stood here. It is the town in Marquesado that most completely occupies the mountain. Its proximity to the Puerto de La Ragua was without doubt a decisive factor in the construction of the medieval fortress, the Castillo de la Caba.

Aldeire is located on the slopes of the hill below the castle.  The beautiful Benejar valley formed by the river runs past the town’s Triana neighbourhood. It lies within walking distance from Calle del Rastro, where there are some old Arab baths.

You can take a picnic to the recreation area ​​La Rosandra, which you can reach by walking along the river. It is perfect for hiking or riding to the Cerro de San Juan and the Collado del Lobo. You will pass through oak and chestnut forests and see other spectacular corners of the Sierra Nevada.

Many ancient remains confirm that this area has been inhabited since Prehistoric times. The copper deposits show that there was an Argar settlement here. Although there are numerous indications of Phoenician, Roman and Visigoth presences, the origin of the present–day Aldeire dates back to the Arab-Andalusian period.

In 1489 the town fell under the rule of the Crown of Castile and in 1490 it became part of the territories belonging to the Grand Cardinal of Spain, forming the Marquesado del Zenete along with seven other areas. During the Moorish uprising of 1568-1571, the town showed strong resistance against the Christian troops and was very severely punished for this.

Here you can find excellent homemade sausages. There is a delicious traditional recipe made with pork, chestnuts and plums. Due to its proximity to the Río Benabre and the Río Benejar, locals also grow a variety of vegetables and fruits and make fabulous jams. The chestnuts and almonds are superb.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Postcode: 18514
Distance from Granada (km): 76
Number of inhabitants: 735
People: Aldeireños
Web: Acceder a su web


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