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This town is nestled in the south of the Sierra de la Contraviesa, on the Cerro de la Encina. From here you can enjoy the impressive scenery with its vineyards and almond groves. The layout of the streets, the architecture and the white houses all offer reminders of the town’s Isalmic origins. There are also a number of farmsteads, which draw in many tourists. Just a few kilometres from the Mediterranean, Albondón allows visitors to enjoy both the mountains and the beach.

The feast day of San Luis takes place from 24th to 26th August. The central event is a play about Moors and Christians entangled in romances played out by local parents and children during the procession of mules and horses. The feast of San Isidro is also celebrated here, when you can enjoy the local wine, migas and sausages.

The town has Arab origins, and in this period it reached its peak, thanks to the innovative and efficient way the Muslim farmers tended the land in such a dry climate. The first reference to the people of the town is made by the chronicler Ibn al-Khatib, in his book Crónicas de Granada. Here he refers to it as Rozas de Albondón. From the expulsion of the Moors until its separation from Albuñol in 1653 it was under the rule of the Conde de Cifuentes.

In the 19th century this town enjoyed second golden age, at which time it had 4000 inhabitants. Its economy was based on the production of wine and raisins. The wine industry in this municipality has been of the utmost importance throughout the centuries. So much so that the wines were exported abroad for centuries from the nearby port of La Rabita. In the 20th century labour shortages forced people to leave the town. Currently its economy is based on wine production, bottling and rural tourism.

Albondón has a curious patron saint, namely Louis, King of France.

Albondón is known for its wines. Since ancient times there have been lots of family-run wineries throughout the province. The town also produces peppers, oranges and almonds. A typical recipe is stuffed chicken.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín
Postcode: 18708
Distance from Granada (km): 110
Number of inhabitants: 929
People: Albondoneros
Web: Acceder a su web


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Iglesia parroquial de San Luis


This church is the main attraction of Albondón. It is dedicated to the French monarch who later became a saint. It is a Doric-style church with three naves, and it towers majestically over the town. It was partly damaged during [...]

Celebrations in honour of San Luis, King of France


The celebrations in honour of San Luis King of France begin with the popular firings of rockets and parades around the streets of the town. That same night, they crown the queen of the celebrations, act that is accompanied by [...]

San Isidro


They have a romeria from the church to the hermitage of the saint where there is a mass and a popular dance. The last years they have organized, taking advantage of the celebrations, a wine tasting of the wines of [...]


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