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The town of Albolote, located in a fertile area of Vega de Granada and only 6 kilometres from Granada, is a town with an agricultural tradition and a developed services sector. Surrounded by magnificent countryside, Albolote offers its visitors infinite possibilities for experiencing nature. The Sierra Elvira and the Cubillas reservoir are two perfect locations in which to soak up the magic of the surroundings.

In addition to the beautiful landscapes and botanical wealth, the town is of considerable historical and archaeological interest, as it is surrounded by a number of Roman villas and traces of its Palaeolithic past. Albolote is part of the Nasrid Route, a tourism and cultural project that highlights the area’s Arab heritage.

The first traces of settlement date back to the Palaeolithic era and near the Pantano de Cubillas there are archaeological remains of Roman houses from the 3rd century AD. However Albolote itself was founded in the Nasrid period and its name comes from the Arab word for oak (al-Bulut), trees that grew in abundance in the surrounding area. An Arab author makes mention of a human settlement here and it is thought it may have been joined to the Cora de Elvira farmstead.

In 1431 the Battle of the Higueruela took place nearby. Juan II of Castile and Don Alvaro de Luna descended from the Sierra de Parapanda with their Castilian troops, devastating the plain. The emir Muhammad IX fought with all his strength but the fight ended in his defeat at the gates of Granada.

The battle of the Higueruela took place in the Albolote district, in 1431. Juan II of Castile and Don Alvaro de Luna leading their Castilian troops descended by the skirt of Parapanda and camped in the area of Maracena, devastating the fertile plain. The emir Muhammad IX tried to force an exit with all his army, combat that finished with the defeat at the gates of Granada.

Influences from Granada are clearly visible in the gastronomy of Albolote. The Moors left their mark on the recipes of this town too. Visitors can try the typical gachas, the different local salads, vegetables and fruits, beets, stew, soup or Granada partridges. However, you cannot leave without having tried the signature dish of Albolote: rice with rabbit, a dish that is popular in the region and all over Spain.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Granada and its surroundings
Postcode: 18220
Distance from Granada (km): 7
Number of inhabitants: 15563
People: Alboloteños
Web: Acceder a su web
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Iglesia parroquial de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación


This Mudejar-style church, located in the centre of Albolote, is an official National Monument. It is rectangular in shape, made up of three sections with circular arches resting on pillars and adorned with caissons. It was designed by the architect [...]

Moorish watchtower


On the hill next to the town, in the Sierra Elvira, there is a circular watchtower that dates back to the Nasrid period. It was used to watch the pass called Corredor del Cubillas.

Plaza de España


The epicentre of Albolote is this square, the Plaza de España. The Town Hall and the parish church are both located here.

Nasrids route

This Route is dedicated precisely to the protagonists of that important chapter, to the Nasrid Dynasty, which created and headed the last state of al-Andalus, and whose trajectory encompassed, uncountable events of a political or bellicose order apart, artistic and [...]

Week of the Orality of Albolote and Peligros


In this Week of the Orality the towns of Albolote and Peligros offer diverse activities related to the oral tradition. Concerts, songs, romances, games of oral tradition, stories, educational experiences and parades. Date: October Organizes: City council of Albolote, City [...]

La Candelaria


The origin of this celebration is of the beginning of the XX century. Since then, every year around these days families get together in the place called Sierra Elvira to enjoy of a day in the field.

Fiestas Populares


During the first week of August the Popular Celebrations of Albolote are celebrated, which are the most important celebrations of the town. Due to its size, they have become one of the most excellent of the metropolitan area of Granada. [...]


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