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The town is built on a hill that, despite not being very high, has fantastic views of the region’s plains. Rolling, arid landscapes, ideal for walking, cycling and riding surround this village. In winter the surrounding area is covered in snow and in the summer temperatures are generally mild and even cool when the sun sets.

The town centre has a unique layout. As we can see from this 19th-century description of the town: “It consists of 123 houses and although they are badly aligned they form a street that makes an almost complete circle, joining its ends at the door of the church, where the square is.”

The Dukes of Wellington own a large estate called Agron Fatimbullar here.

The town was founded by Arab settlers. In the Ihata by Ibn Al-Khatib this town is referred to as Agrum (meaning field in Latin). However, this is not the medieval Agrum, which is what is now known as Old Agron, the remains of which can still be seen on a small hill about three or four kilometres from town.

From 1492 onwards, when the Catholic Kings won territories from the Moors, this town was under the rule of the crown. Agrón developed significantly with the arrival of new settlers from other Spanish kingdoms. In the last century, with the mechanisation of agriculture, Agrón, an agricultural town, went into decline. In 1960 its population plummeted and now it has just over a thousand inhabitants.

Agrón supplies its neighbours with high quality olive oil, grains, beans, vegetables, almonds and table olives. Its traditional recipes include rabbit in almond sauce and homemade sausages and prosciutto.


Information about the Municipality

Region: Poniente Granadino
Distance from Granada (km): 31
People: Agroneños
Web: Acceder a su web


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Arab watchtower


This watchtower dates back to the Arab period, and is the only one still standing of a series of watchtowers that guarded the route between Granada and Alhama. The watchtower is located in the Hacienda de San Rafael, near where [...]

Iglesia parroquial


This church is the most eye-catching building in the town, mainly because of its high white tower that rises high above the surrounding buildings and can be seen from miles around. This church was built in the 1960s on the [...]

Caves of Fatimbulla


These prehistoric caves are situated in the municipality of Agrón. They are located within the grounds of a private farm, so prior permission must be sought to visit them.

Celebrations in honour of the Inmaculada Concepcion


In the middle of August, this small village celebrates its patron and popular celebrations with diverse events of religious, sport and cultural character.


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