The most important schools in Spain for luthiers (producers of musical instruments) are located in Granada and in Madrid. The Granada luthiers make the different instruments for flamenco music according to the principle that every object is once-only and unique. That’s why the majority of requests are from the most famous concert soloists and professional musicians. Thus, an important part of the production is meant for export.

The manufacturing process of the traditional guitars made in Granada is entirely manual and requires a perfect command of various skills (carpentry, marquetry and varnishing) along with a special musical talent.

The school created by Eduardo Ferrer, who is regarded as one the greatest guitar makers of all times, continues producing hand-crafted instruments in picturesque areas of Granada such as the Albaicín quarter or the Cuesta de Gomérez. In other parts of the province such as Baza, Lanjarón, La Tahá, and La Zubia luthiers manufacture other string instruments such as baroque lutes, small twelve-stringed guitars, and double basses.