Virgen del Pilar

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There is a romería to the hermitage of El Colmenar, where La Pilarica has been venerated for a century. Its carving is taken out in procession every year to celebrate its day. The villagers of Santillan, also devotes of this Virgin go to this romería as well. It is located exactly halfway between both towns, although in the Huétor Santillán district the hermitage of El Colmenar dates from the XIX century. It was built by the priest Celestino Vila de Forn, eminent musician and chapel teacher of the Cathedral of Granada, who donated it for life to the parish priest Gregorio Carretero Ferre. Later, dead this one, the sanctuary became property of the church of Granada.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Huétor Santillán
Postcode: 18183


Tel: 958546013
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