Cultural heritage

Historic centre of Santa Fe

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The Santa Fe town centre is itself worth visiting and it dates back to 1491. Santa Fe was built from scratch under the orders of the Catholic Kings, and was entrusted with the cities of Seville, Jerez, Córdoba and Andújar, whose councils were assigned one of the four neighbourhoods into which the town was divided.

Its layout was based on the military model of Briviesca – a rectangular plot of land with straight streets that cut through each other perpendicularly. The town was surrounded by a moat, walls, towers and defensive bastions.

It is documented that the building of Santa Fe took only eighty days. In the centre there are the public buildings such as the Casa Real and the parish church, and nearby the hospital, the corn exchange and other services.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Santa Fe
Postcode: 18320
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