The Alhambra

Royal Baths

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The Royal Baths in the Palacio de Comares are the only medieval Islamic hamams in the Western world that are so well preserved.

This is one of the most intriguing and interesting parts of the Alhambra for visitors and artists alike. It seduced Jerónimo Münzer as far back as 1494 as well as the avant-garde Henry Matisse over 500 years later in 1910, who were both captivated by the atmosphere and the mysterious light.

Due to its delicate state of conservation and intricate nature, the baths are not often open to the public. However, they can be viewed indirectly from other areas of the complex.

The decorative elements of the room, the fountain, the flooring, the columns, the tiles and plasterwork are largely original, although ceilings were repaired and repainted with bright colours in the second half of the 19th century.

Vaulted ceilings with numerous skylights cover the whole steam area of the hammam. The ceilings are slightly conical, decorated with lobular and star shapes. They have windows that open outwards, which allowed the bath attendants to regulate the steam rooms.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Granada
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