Romeria del Cristo del Paño

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Festival of National tourist Interest of Andalusia

Moclín is where one of the most typical religious celebrations in Andalusia takes place with its procession of Cristo del Paño (Christ of the Cloth). Unlike most celebrations, the image of Christ is not a carving, but a huge picture that was given to the town by the Catholic Kings.

Its name and popularity came a century later, when a sacristan, who had almost lost sight due to cataracts, was miraculously given sight. This disease was formerly known as ‘cloth disease’ (enfermedad del paño) and one day the sacristan recovered the sight while cleaning the painting.

It was from then that inhabitants of Moclín who were ill prayed for a cure on this day. Soon the belief spread that picture of Christ had certain powers to help women to conceive children. This was probably where Federico García Lorca got his inspiration for his play Yerma.


Region: Poniente Granadino
Municipality: Moclín
Postcode: 18247


Tel: 958403051
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