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Sequoias in the Finca La Losa

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Thirty gigantic trees form one of the few sequoia forests of in Europe. They are located in the Sierra de La Sagra. The biggest tree is 50 metres tall and you would need five people with their arms extended to surround the 7-metre circumference of trunk.

They were planted on the estate of La Losa about 170 years ago, which is relatively recently as these trees can live up to 1000 years and be over 100 metres tall. In the two little areas were they are, with about 300 metres between them, there are two varieties: the Sequoiadendrum giganteum and the Sequoia sempervirens. The locals refer to the as simply “las Mariantonias

The 13 best-preserved specimens are placed inside a fenced area, property of the Baron de Bellpuig who welcomes visitors by appointment. The second area can be accessed by all, but is not in such a good condition.

The sequoias can be found 195 km from Granada. Take the A-92 to Huéscar. There you take the Castril exit and 3 km later a sign shows the road that, after 23 km, will take you directly to the trees.


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