Ermita de San Sebastián

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Here, where the rábita built in 1218 stands, is the place where Boabdil handed over the keys of Granada the Catholic Kings in 1492.

A rábita was a kind of monastic retreat for Muslims to go to and take a break from the world and dedicate themselves to prayer and meditation. Shortly after the capture of Granada, the building was used for Christian worship and was dedicated to Saint Fabien and Saint Sebastian.

The floor plan is square and its roof has a semi-spherical dome made of brick. The outside is simple – it has a horseshoe arch decorated with brick Moorish panels. The original interior decoration inside was destroyed during the restoration work in 1615, 1933 (the year in which it was declared a National Monument) and 1953.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Granada
Address: Paseo de San Sebastián
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