San Antón

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During these celebrations there are activities of religious character as well as recreational and cultural ones. If we centred in the religious acts, we can stand out: the novenario to the Saint, the procession, the movement of San Antón to the hermitage and the mass of campaign.

Parallel to the religious acts in these days is carried out the “entrada del cajero” that is celebrated the 15th. It consists on the welcoming that the mayordomos of the Brotherhood of San Antón give to the man of the drum in the entrance of the way of Castilléjar. This tradition goes back to the beginning of the XVIII century, when it did not exist in the town anyone who knew how to play the drum, the box, and a person used to come from another town to do it.


Region: El Altiplano: Baza and Huescar
Municipality: Galera
Postcode: 18840


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