Castillo de Salobreña

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The existence of a fortress in Salobreña was first recorded as early as the 10th century. Although the existing building’s layout points to a construction in the Nasrid period, its architecture is both Muslim and Christian.

It has three courtyards. The innermost courtyard is part of the old Nasrid palace, while the other two, more defensive in style, are an extension built at the end of the 15thcentury.

Lush gardens surround the fortress and from its tower you can see over the town of Salobreña, the plains, the Mediterranean Sea, the nearby mountains and even the Sierra Nevada. The fortress’s tower, battlements and old walls as well as its fabulous location and views make this one of the most visited monuments along the coast.


Region: Costa Tropical
Municipality: Salobreña
Postcode: 18680


Tel: 958 610011 ( ext. 266 )
Web: Acceder a su web
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