Hospital Real

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This building houses the rectory of the University of Granada. It was built by the Catholic Kings in 1504 to care for the wounded in the War of Granada.

The building works started based on the plans by Enrique Egas, in late-Gothic style, but Charles V wanted it to be finished in a more Renaissance style.

Therefore, Egas changed the design to echo the Hospital de Santa Cruz, modelled on the Ospedale Maggiore in Milan, which was designed by Filarete and copied throughout Europe from the 16th century onwards.

The building is in the shape of a Greek cross within a square. In the corners there are four symmetrical courtyards, rising up into a dome. The building has two floors, but in the southwest corner there is also another third floor, whose balconies open out over the Jardines del Triunfo from the Sala de Convalecientes.

The main façade has four lavishly decorated windows and bears the initials and symbols of the founders of the building and of the Emperor.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Granada
Address: Cuesta del Hospicio, s/n
Postcode: 18010


Tel: 958 243060
Web: Acceder a su web


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