Romería de las Santas Alodía y Nunilón

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The towns of Huéscar and Puebla de don Fadrique share the patrons St Alodía and St Nunilón. Their feast day culminates in a celebration taking place on the Monday following Pentecost, usually in May. There is a pilgrimage to the shrine at the foot of the Sierra de Sagra. On the weekend before the pilgrimage there is a street festival, a parade, the election of the queen of the festivities, traditional dances and other activities.

The cult of the holy martyrs Alodía and Nunilón in this area dates back to the 16th century. It started in Navarra and took hold in Puebla de Don Fadrique and Huéscar. After the peaceful takeover of Huéscar by the Catholic Monarchs and the capitulation of the mayor, Suleiman al-Galib, Huéscar fell under the jurisdiction of Bolteruela, today called Puebla de Don Fadrique, and owned by the Crown of Castile.

According to tradition, these holy saints had a Muslim father and a Christian mother and died to stay true to their Christian faith.


Region: El Altiplano: Baza and Huescar
Municipality: Huéscar
Postcode: 18830
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