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Charca de Suárez Nature Reserve

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This is a spectacular place for bird watching and is well equipped for tourist and educational visits.  Here you can see birds native to the area as well as species from further afield.

The Charca de Suárez is a thirteen-hectare open space located in the valley of the Rio Guadalfeo and is the largest wetland along the Granada coast.

The groundwater comes to the surface at different points, creating perennial lakes, which are needed in addition to the irrigation drains. Temperate weather conditions, with an average annual temperature of over 17°C, together with a lot of available water from the Río Guadalfeo and the melted snow from the Sierra Nevada, create a fertile environment for a large number of animals and plants.

There are many species of bird that winter in the Charca de Suárez including squacco herons, flamencos, cormorants and Eurasian spoonbills. The latter is common in Andalusia but is rare in the province of Granada. Throughout the year, you can also see coots, mallards, white wagtails and grebes.

Regarding flora, blur-reeds and lilies inhabit areas of shallow water. Rushes, prairie grasses and legumes also grow in the area, as well as some of the area’s more traditional crops such as sugarcane.


Region: Costa Tropical
Municipality: Motril
Address: Camino del Pelaíllo, s/n


Móvil: 682 345 666
Web: Acceder a su web

Opening times:

MARCH: Saturdays & Sundays: 10am & 11:30   Every day: 5:30pm. ARIL & MAY: Saturdays & Sundays: 10am & 11:30   Every day: 6:30pm. JUNE TO SEPTEMBER: Saturdays & Sundays: 9am – 1pm.   Every day: 6pm-8pm. NOVEMBER TO FEBRUARY: Saturdays & Sundays: 9am – 1pm. Every day: 4pm-6pm.


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