Procession of the Christ of the Expiration

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The Friday previous to the one of Dolores – ten days before the beginning of Easter – the alpujarreños of the valley of the Guadalfeo have an appointment in Órgiva with the Christ of the Expiration. A magnificent carving attributed to Martinez Montañes and affectionately nicknamed as “the Cojonudo”, although the villagers give a bad look to the visitors if they called like that. The most significant moment of the day arrives at dusk, with the exit of the Christ in parade, accompanied by the Virgin. With both carvings stopped in front of their monumental church, it takes place one of noisiest and smokiest powder, bangers and rockets waste registered in the dense provincial festive map. The decibels get so high, the scent to burned powder so intense and the degree of visibility so little, that the villagers of Orgiva, in clear reference to the nickname of its Christ, can presume of not having rivals of their size in many leagues around.


Region: Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín
Municipality: Órgiva
Postcode: 18400


Tel: 958785212
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