Museum of Orce Prehistory and Palaeontology

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This museum houses a complete collection of pieces that come from the diverse sites around the town. The museum is spread out across three rooms. The first one focuses on fauna, the second one on local archaeological sites, and the third one on lithic fragments and human remains.

In the first room (fauna), there four display cabinets containing skulls and remains of the main animal species found in the area. Of particular interest are the two different types of sabre tooth tiger, a completely extinguished species, and whose importance lies in the fact that their presence always indicates the presence of man.

The second room is focuses on the findings from local archaeological sites, and includes whole limestone sections that contain fossils. One of them is an accumulation of skulls, all broken up, thought to have been discarded by hominids who extracted the brain to eat it.

The third room is focuses on stone fragments found in Fuente Nueva, and specifically fragments that point to the fact that this place used to be a settlement. Some remains of broken human bones can be seen as well, which with the typical mark of enlarged fracture and in the shape of a “V”.

The museum is within the Palacio de los Segura, which is a very interesting building in itself.


Region: El Altiplano: Baza and Huescar
Municipality: Orce
Address: Palacio de los Segura. C/ Tiendas, 18
Postcode: 18858


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