Romería de la Virgen de las Nieves

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The main event of this celebration is a night pilgrimage in the Sierra Nevada from Pradollano to Tajos de la Virgen, via Borreguiles. It is the highest pilgrimage in the world and is accompanied by a small image of the Holy Virgin carried by the pilgrims.

It starts in the Plaza de Andalucía on 5th August at 3.30 in the morning. They reach Borreguiles at about 7am, where they stop to drink a cup of hot chocolate, as the ascent is steep.

The procession proceeds to the Tajos de la Virgen, which is reached about 8am and where the pilgrims get a hot cup of tea as the first rays of sun light up the altar. It is here that the Mass is celebrated at around 8.30am.

Since the creation of the Parque Natural de Sierra Nevada, Hoya de la Mora remains open for a few hours for vehicles to reach Veleta, from where pilgrims must continue on foot.


Region: Sierra Nevada
Municipality: Monachil
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