Torre Pesquera

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The Torre Pesquera was part of a series of defensive structures and is accessed by the road that leads from Zagra to Fuentes de Cesna. It was built on a promontory of the Río Pequesra near its confluence with the Río Genil. This large semi-circular tower stands on the highest part of the promontory, on the southern face of which is another rectangular tower, of which a few pieces of wall remain. From the rest of the ruins you can picture the small castle that defended the local population whilst keeping watch over the river. There are 13th century records referring to the people of Pesquera. And in the 15th century, during the truce of 1439, it is referred to with Cesna as one of the places conquered by the Spaniards.


Region: Poniente Granadino
Municipality: Algarinejo
Postcode: 18280
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