Fiestas patronales de San Sebastián (Robo del Santo)

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San Sebastián is one of the most revered saints in the province. He was a young Roman soldier who was killed with a horrid amount of arrows. His popularity is in part due to Juan de Austria, the brave and noble Christian soldier who reminded the people of the saint during the campaign against Aben-Humeya. Although many towns celebrate this feast day, the festivities in Caniles are unique.

Caniles maintains the tradition of the Robo del Santo (Stealing the Saint) during the procession. Several groups try to take the cross during the parade, which is carried by one of the ‘thieves’ of the previous year. The person who gets hold of the cross earns his group the title of the winner of the contest. Besides having the honour of carrying the cross to the end of the procession, that group must finance the celebrations of the following year.


Region: El Altiplano: Baza and Huescar
Municipality: Caniles
Postcode: 18810


Tel: 958710011
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