Patron celebrations of San Agustin (The burnt of ‘El Penas’)

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Santa Fe enjoys its patron celebrations at the last week of August, coinciding with the celebrations of San Agustín, patron of the city. During five days, several are the activities that the Commission of celebrations organizes and prepares, which is integrated by the young people and adults of Santa Fe.

In the first day of these celebrations it takes place one of the most popular events and better welcomed among the inhabitants of Santa Fe: the burnt of El Penas. In the eve El Penas is placed at the Spain square, and on the following day, the neighbours deposit at the foot of the statue pieces of paper with their sadness so that they will burn with it. Next to the fire there is a spectacle of light and sound, as well as tasting of sangria that provides atmosphere to the night. This way, in the middle of music, the sangria and the fire the villagers initiate their celebrations free of whatever worries them.

The burnt of El Penas took place for the first time in 1985. This celebration was set in Santa Fe encouraged by Antonio Callejas, ex- mayor of the city sister of Santa Fe of New Mexico, where they enjoy this celebration called the Zozobra there.

The one in charge to choose and to work the scene or main character of the flames is the Municipal Occupational centre of Santa Fe. This centre is an office that has the purpose of finding a job and incorporates in the society people with disabilities. During the school year, the teaching staff of the centre gathers information about the most outstanding events of the year and that can be represented by means of a cardboard assembly.


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