Iglesia parroquial de Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion

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This church is thought to be one of the most interesting examples of Gothic-Mudejar architecture in the province of Granada. Built on the remains of an ancient mosque and dedicated to the Our Lady of the Assumption, its original construction dates back to 1562.

Over the years it has undergone many renovations and additions. Inside the central chapel there is a huge altarpiece by Ambrosio de Vicodating back to 1614. The church has a beautiful octagonal dome that is well preserved, as well as one of the most complete and beautiful Mudejar ceilings in the region. The artistic and historical value of the church is further enhanced with an important collection of carvings and paintings, including Cristo servidopor los ángeles by Pedro Bocanegra.


Region: Sierra Nevada
Municipality: La Zubia
Postcode: 18140
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