Iglesia parroquial de Nuestra Señora del Pilar

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The church of Nuestra Señora del Pilar dates back to the 16th century, most probably built on the site of a former mosque. It is rectangular in shape and its single nave is decorated with a coffered ceiling. It used to have an altarpiece by Pedro Machuca, which was destroyed by the Moors.

The church has two façades: the main façade, with its semi-circular vaulted archway between Tuscan pillars, and the second one to the left hand side of the building, topped with a triangular pediment. The double-sectioned tower and the bell tower are situated at the end of the building. Inside there are images of the patron saints of the town, the Virgen del Pilar and San Blas, amongst others.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Víznar
Postcode: 18179
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