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Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs Nature Reserve

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This natural area runs between the coastline and the N-340 and juts out 1 mile into the sea. This narrow strip of land is 12 kilometres long.

It is made up of steep cliffs, beaches and inaccessible small coves, whilst on the mountain you will see impressive terraces reaching up to a great height.

The area extends from the coastal watchtower Torre de Maro up to Cala de Calaiza and includes a marine area of great ecological interest. By following the path that goes into the Cañuelo forest, you will cross a Mediterranean scrubland and pass clusters of pine, as well as rare species such as Buxusbalearicas. This toxic shrub withstands extreme temperatures and can live for more than five hundred years.

When the tide is out at beaches such as Playa de Cantarriján, you can visit caves where a large variety of plant species and marine fauna live. Of particular interest is the extensive area of Posidonia. There you will find live corals, sea sponges and a variety of fish, some of which are amazingly colourful like the Mediterranean rainbow wrasse and the ocean sunfish.


Region: Costa Tropical
Municipality: La Herradura
Postcode: 18697


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