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Sierra de Baza Natural Park

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This natural park is located in a place of incomparable beauty between two extensive plains  - the Hoya de Guadix-Granada and the Llanos de El Marquesado. There are many records proving that it was an area already populated in ancient times. For example, there are rock paintings from the Palaeolithic period found in the Monte Jabalcon.

The park has a rich community of birds and birds of prey such as the royal eagle and the royal owl. There are also many small mammals like the wild cat or the badger, and small reptiles and amphibians that inhabit the groves of the rivers: these include the common frog and snakes.

The vegetation changes as you go higher. There are native species of oaks, thorny scrub and maple trees. The area has been reforested with black pine and Aleppo pine. Of great importance from a botanical point of view are the many species of thyme, unique to this mountainous area, located in the Blanquizares, and the Prados del Rey. The park has many small streams and rivers many of which feed into the Río Baza.

Area: 53.649 hectares

Baza, Caniles, Dólar, Gor, Valle de Zalabí

Offices and information points

Natural Park Office
Delegación Provincial de la Consejería de Medio Ambiente (Local environmental agency)
C/ Joaquina Eguaras, 2
Tel: +34 958 026 000

Narváez Visitor Centre
A-92, exit km 324
18800-Baza (Granada)
Tel: +34 958 002 018

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