Monasterio de la Concepción

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The Monasterio de la Concepción is one of the oldest and most symbolic convents in Granada. This unique monument is situated in the heart of the lower Albaicín district, opposite the Alhambra and parallel to the Río Darro.

The monastery harmoniously brings together some of the city’s important palaces, villas, fountains, orchards and Moorish gardens, as well as buildings built in the Christian era, such as the Gothic cloister or the monumental Baroque church. A traditional Moorish courtyard, with its octagonal fountain, serves as a cloister, around which the main convent buildings are situated. Architecturally, this is thought to be one of the richest and most interesting monuments in the Albaicín district.

Of equal significance is the monastery’s historical and cultural importance, spanning over a period of five centuries.

When you visit the Monasterio de la Concepción, you will see a lot of beautiful religious art works, but unlike other museums, you will see these works in their intended context, in the space for which they were conceived.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Granada
Address: Placeta de la Concepción, 2
Postcode: 18010


Tel: 958 225368
Web: Acceder a su web
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