Federico García Lorca Birthplace and Museum

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This house – where the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca was born on 5th June 1898 – is a must-see for every visitor to Granada.

The house has been restored with care and turned into a museum by the Province of Granada. The rooms, with their decoration and furniture, evoke the spirit of the poet’s youth. There is an exhibition room on the first floor (which used to be a barn), where cultural events are sometimes held. The museum houses countless texts, graphics and even dowry goods and documents belonging to or related to the poet’s life and work.


The birthplace of Federico García Lorca is a typical farmhouse, like many others existing in any town on the plains of Granada. It was built in 1880 when Federico García Rodríguez, the poet’s father, married his first wife, Matilde Palacios. When he became a widower he married Doña Vicenta Romero, who was a teacher in Fuente Vaqueros. Their son was born here on 5th June 1898 and spent his early childhood years, which influenced him greatly. The house, which had undergone several transformations by the different families that lived in it, was finally acquired by the Province of Granada in 1982 and the Patronato FGL. It opened as a museum in 1986. 


The raison d’etre of this museum is to keep alive the memory of the poet, turning it into a space that inspires emotion, memories, the poet’s ideology and the thoughts of who he really was. The museum presents a brief yet intense journey through time in Lorca’s intimate spaces: walking through the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and patio helps the visitor understand the feelings that the poet himself would want to pass on to us. Our aim is to keep this little museum like a home, a blank canvas with white walls, decorated with a collection of personal family memories that visitors can study during their tour that will last no longer than an hour. In the exhibition space the poet’s letters, drawings and books hint at hidden secrets, revealing some unknown side of his multifaceted personality. After passing through the rooms, the visit ends with the few images that remain of Lorca, which picture him accompanied by his friends from the theatre group La Barraca and during his trip to Montevideo.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Fuente Vaqueros
Address: Poeta García Lorca, 4
Postcode: 18340


Tel: 958 516453
Fax: 958 516863


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