Ángel Barrios Museum

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This small museum is dedicated to the local composer and guitarist Ángel Barrios. It includes an impressive family art gallery containing fantastic paintings from the turn of the century, musical scores, textual and graphical documentation, an extensive library, a collection of musical instruments, original furniture, objects d’art and beautiful furnishings.

The museum was created in 1975 on the initiative of the Alhambra and the Generalife committee thanks to the generous donation of the musician’s daughter, Angela Barrios.

Inside the museum you can see Ángel Barrios’ piano and guitar.

The talented guitarist founded the Trío Iberia in 1900, whcih met with great success and spread the popularity of Spanish music throughout Europe.

He wrote operas including El Avapiés, which premiered at the Teatro Real, and La Lola se va a los Puertos that premiered at the Teatro Real del Liceu in Barcelona in 1955. He also wrote operettas like La Suerte, first performed at the Teatro Apolo, as well as Granada Mía, La Romería and Seguidilla Gitana, with the libretto by Muñoz Seca and Pérez Fernández, which also premiered at the Teatro



Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Granada
Address: Real de la alhambra s/n
Postcode: 18009


Tel: 958 027929
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