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Peñones de San Cristóbal Natural Monument

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These three rocks have been officially declared as Natural Monument of Andalusia and are part of the town of Almuñécar. These hard dark rocks jut into the sea and look as though they are separating the waters.

Peñón de Fuera is the one furthest away from the coast. In front of it is the Peñón de Enmedio, separated by a stretch of sea. The third rock is the Peñón del Santo, on the beach of Almuñécar, separating the beach in two: the Playa de Puerta del Mar and Playa de San Cristobal.

Peñón del Santo is the largest of the three and is about 30 metres high. It is accessed by ramps at its highest point, on which there is a Holy Cross and a viewpoint where you can enjoy amazing views of the sea, the city and the surrounding mountains.


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