Monumental gates in Santa Fe

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The historical town centre of Santa Fe is marked by four monumental gates: the Puerta de Granada to the east, the Puerta de Sevilla to the south, the Puerta de Jaén to the north and the Puerta de Loja to the west.

The Puerta de Loja was built in 1652, whilst the building style of the other three gates indicates that they were built in the 18th century, because they house chapels in their central sections. Over the Puerta de Loja appears a Latin inscription that reads: ‘King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, the city that you see before you was built in very few days. It was erected to destroy the enemies of the Faith, and for this reason we think it should be called Santa Fe.’


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Santa Fe
Postcode: 18320
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