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The spa town of Lanjarón is situated on the south-eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, whose peaks provide water to the various springs. At 700 metres above sea level, the special geographical characteristics of the town, which provides access to the mountainous district of Las Alpujarras, gives it a mixed climate combining mid-mountain and maritime weather conditions and sea breezes.

Season: From February to December

The Gateway to the Alpujarras
The town’s long history can be traced back to the beginning of the 13th century, when during the Nasrid dynasty, Granada experienced its period of maximum splendour. Although the baths already enjoyed a certain prestige, they were not widely used for medicinal purposes until the medieval period.

However, it was not until the 18th century that the full therapeutic properties of its waters were discovered. This happened at a time – a period lasting for more than a century – when the province of Granada, the Sierra Nevada and The Alpujarras in particular, attracted large numbers of national and foreign visitors. Thus, numerous famous personalities (Bertrand Russell, Virginia Wolf, Manuel de Falla, Federico García Lorca…) visited the town which, by the mid-20th century, became the most important holiday destination for members of the bourgeoisie from Andalusia and the Northern African colonies.

Nowadays, the spa complex continues to receive numerous visitors who are captivated by the purity of its waters and the quality of its thermal baths.

In terms of their chemical composition, the waters from Lanjarón’s six springs, which emerge at temperatures ranging between 16º and 27ºC, are bicarbonated, sodium and calcium-rich, ferruginous, with light carbonic content, and magnesium- rich.

Facilities and treatments
The modern hydrothermal complex includes rooms for hydropinic cures which consist of drinking water directly from the spring thus maximising the benefits of its mineral properties.

It is supplied by six different springs with mineral and medicinal properties (Capuchina, San Vicente, Capilla, El Salado, and Salud I and II) which are enriched by the variety of rocks and minerals accumulated by the snows of Sierra Nevada, from where they come. The springs have different properties and are therefore used to combine a range of different treatments: topic cure in the El Salado spring, with its analgesic and muscle relaxing qualities, and atmiátrica cures with waters from the El Salado and San Vicente springs, which are beneficial for the respiratory system. There are also treatments which are specially designed to treat rheumatic and kidney problems.

In addition to the therapeutic treatments, the thermal complex also offers a wide range of beauty and relaxation programmes, including an anti-stress treatment, which is much in demand, and uses techniques such as whirlpool baths, anti-stiffness jets, massages, parafango treatments and drinks of water with stimulating properties.

There is also a bottling plant in Lanjarón, belonging to the DANONE business group, where the health-giving waters are bottled ready for marketing and distribution.



Region: Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín
Municipality: Lanjarón
Address: Avenida de Madrid, 2
Postcode: 18420


Tel: 958 770 137
Web: Acceder a su web
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