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La Cortijuela Botanical Garden

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The La Cortijuela Botanical Garden is one of a number of botanical and mycological gardens located in a protected natural area in Andalusia.

As you wonder around this beautiful garden, you will see and find out about the many different plants that are native to this region. They range from herbaceous plants to luxurious orchids, from plants and flowers that thrive on riverbanks to thornier plants, such as hawthorn, and herbs, such as sage and thyme. They are set in a forest made up of oak trees and Scottish pines. On your visit you can enjoy the amazing views from the gazebo, whilst the final section of the garden showcases plants that grow in more sandy soils, such as arnica.


Region: Sierra Nevada
Municipality: Monachil
Address: La Cortijuela
Postcode: 18196


Tel: 670945712
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