Íllora Castle

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This medieval fortification is situated on the rocky elevation that arises in the middle of the town

This walled castle was built by the Muslims in the 10th and 11th centuries and includes Caliphate and Taifas elements. It was restored in the 14th century in the Nasrid period, during which the building’s definitive configuration was planned and built. It is strategically located, for it was in permanent communication with the Castillo de Moclín and the Castillo de Montefrío via a network of towers. This network provided a fast communication route with Granada.

It was the backdrop of a number of important political events. It has three enclosures: the house, the fortress and the surrounding areas. It was captured by the Catholic Kings in 1486.

On the top the towers of the castle are easily recognisable. They are fondly called ‘the old woman’s teeth’ because of their appearance. Further down, there are the remains of two walled enclosures that protected the castle’s surrounding area, (which today has no inhabitants anymore), which was also where the Aljamá Mosque was situated.

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Region: Poniente Granadino
Municipality: Íllora
Postcode: 18260


Tel: 672152766
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