Iglesia del Rosario

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Built on the site of a Muslim mosque, this church is an example of the Mudejar style (16th century). The original roof was made of coffered wood that burned down in 1821, when the interior of the church had to be restored.

The top of the nave at the main altar gives access to the tower and to the sacristy. At the bottom end, there are the elevated choir stalls, which are made up of a simple frame of wooden beams. The side door, decorated with tiles, is of particular interest, as is the tower, which is a slender structure topped with stepped battlements in typical Mudejar style. The carving of the Virgin del Rosario (16th century) is also very interesting.

The Plaza de la Iglesia was a Christian cemetery until 1789.


Region: Costa Tropical
Municipality: Salobreña
Postcode: 18680


Tel: 958 610 314
Web: Acceder a su web

Opening times:

Visits can be arranged during times of worship.
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