Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación

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This church was built in 1558 by Diego de Jaén and Juan de Vandelvira on the site of the town’s former mosque. The restoration projects that this building has undergone throughout its history have interfered with its original Mudejar features. It has three unequal sections separated by semi-circular arches that rest on Doric pillars. Of the frescoes that originally decorated its interior only those of the chapel of the Virgin of Bethlehem can still be seen together with the coat of arms of the Dukes of Gor. Legend has it that Don Sancho de Castilla, Señor de Gor, had them painted to show his devotion, during the reign of Carlos II in 1699. Apparently one of the two gates of the main doors dates back to 1645 the year in which the works were finished. The double-sectioned tower is crowned by a bell tower and an unusual iron gable.


Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Municipality: Gor
Postcode: 18870
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