Iglesia de la Villa (Former Montefrío Castle)

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This church was built on the site of an old Nasrid castle, which in turn was built in around 1352 when Abú-Abdalá Jusuf reigned in Granada. He built his castle in a strategic place to help defend his borders.

He asked the Alarife of the Alhambra to choose the exact location for the castle. He chose the rock that dominates the town. The castle had a threefold enclosure, a central square, crenels, battlements, towers, rain tanks for water storage, warehouses and all other the necessary features to withstand a long siege.

After the conquest of Montefrío, the Catholic Kings ordered a church to be built on this site, as they so often did when they had conquered an important Moorish fortress. The church was finished in 1507. Between 1540 and 1542 it was extended by Diego de Siloé, adding Gothic and Mudejar elements to the Renaissance decoration.

The church is built in a rectangular shape with a single nave and two side chapels, a tower and baptismal chapel. It is divided into four sections, the three lower ones of equal sizes, and an upper longer one, with three chapels on each side, with semi-circular domes. The main façade is very simple; it is divided into two horizontal sections separated by cornicing.


Region: Poniente Granadino
Municipality: Montefrío
Postcode: 18270
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