Iglesia de la Anunciación

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Designed in 1545 by Francisco Roldán and built by Francisco Heredia, this church was completed in 1561 by Baltasar de la Hoya, pupil of Diego of Siloé. It is a church with a basilica in the shape of a Latin cross with three aisles, a chancel and a coffered ceiling that is probably Mudejar. The Renaissance main entrance is made of stone. The large rectangular Spanish bell tower has a balcony on all four sides. Just below the balcony that overlooks the square there is a large clock. The church houses a number of sculptures, a chasuble, a silver embossed cross and other 18th-century relics of significant artistic value.


Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Municipality: Alcudia de Guadix
Postcode: 18511
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