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Hammam Al Andalus Granada

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They were the first Moorish baths open to the public in Spain after the Reconquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs. Located at the foot of the Alhambra, the Hammam of Granada brings back to present the past Andalusian essence of old Moorish baths.

The building housing the baths dates from the 13th-14th centuries, during the archaeological excavations some water pools were discovered. Both the structure of the construction and its proximity to Santa Ana Church may suggest that they were public. The discovery leads us to believe that the building acquired to open the Moorish Baths was in fact an old hammam.

The hammam consists of four main rooms and three annexed rooms:

1. Relax room, the ideal place to have a rest and to enjoy a green mint tea.
2. Cold room, with a water temperature of about 18ºC.
3. Hot room, with a water temperature of about 39ºC.
4. Warm room, with a temperature of about 36ºC. It is the recommended room to start the circuit.
5. Steam room, water vapour emanates constantly with eucalyptus, pine and orange essences.
6. Massage room.
7. Hot stone room, there is a big octagonal hot stone where the visitor can relax the skin after the Kesse massage.

The facilities of the Hammams Al Ándalus are high-level, offering leading technical and technological advances in the sector, and installations of a great complexity and reliability. Their construction with traditional and last generation materials makes them a true example of connection between the oldest traditions and the newest state of the current technology.

The Baths are beautifully decorated, with mosaics depicting geometrical designs, and arches with fine lattice work, to which the constant sound of murmuring water, the scent of exotic aromas, the warm light, and the traditional Arabic music in the background.

Recreating the atmosphere of the interior of a typical Muslim house, the Tea House of the Hamman offers a wide ranging selection of teas which can be accompanied by a broad variety of Moorish cakes and pastries, whilst enjoying live music or the sensuality of traditional belly dancing.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Granada
Address: Santa Ana,16
Postcode: 18009


Tel: 958 91 31 25
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