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Federico Garcia Lorca Park

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The Parque Federico García Lorca is a memorial to the poet in the town in which it is believed he was assassinated on 18th August 1936. It is located in a beautiful place in the elevated part of the town of Alfacar, near the spring of the Fuente Grande.

The park is surrounded by pine groves and by the Alfaguara mountain range. This fabulous location has a fantastic view over the town.

The park was created in 1986 and it is made up of fountains and footpaths. In its interior you will come across a memorial next to the olive tree where it is believed that García Lorca was executed. Another lovely place within the park is where the fragments of his poems are arranged on the wall that surrounds the main square.

This park is also a tribute to those who died in the Civil War.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Alfacar
Postcode: 18170
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