Entierro de la Zorra – Fiestas de la Santa Cruz

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Ferreirola, is probably one of the places of the Alpujarra where the tradition of the burial of the vixen has deeper roots. It is carried out during the celebrations of Santa Cruz, the third weekend of August. Before it was in May, but it was transferred to make them coincide with the holidays of the emigrants.

In the olden days, the young men of the town used to go to the mount to hunt a real vixen, which later it was buried in public to finish with the celebrations. Nowadays, the animal has been replaced by a cardboard doll stuffed with straw, with flares and rockets in its interior.

During the burial, the false vixen is carried in by `dolientes’ dressed in black and accompanied by `plañideras’, to be finally burned in the middle of the general binge. The symbolism of this ancestral ceremony is to bury, next to the vixen, the possible quarrels and misunderstandings that they had arisen between the villagers throughout the year.

Later, during several days, they have popular meals. This way they extend the good flavour of the celebrations and it is avoided that the farewell until next year is as abrupt as in almost everywhere.


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