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End of the World Viewpoint

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Located in Beas de Guadix, this outcrop is the perfect place to enjoy excellent views of the deserts and badlands of the north of the province of Granada. With the peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the background, from here you can see a large part of the Alhama River Valley, which includes all the municipalities situated to the right of the Fardes River: Cortes and Graena, Beas, Marchal and Purullena.

The views offered from this spot allow the visitor to understand the geological evolution of the entire region: in the background, the limestone mountains of the Sierra de La Peza and Lugros in the highest areas; in the mid-ground, the Camarate, the best preserved forest of the Sierra Nevada, which shows itself in a thousand colors in autumn; and finally, the badlands formed by the erosion of clay, with one of its most outstanding sights being the Cárcavas de Marchal, declared a Natural Monument.

The viewpoint must be accessed on foot, following an existing track at the entrance of Beas de Guadix which, after a walk that climbs for about one kilometer, leading the hiker to the Fin del Mundo.


Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Municipality: Purullena
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