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Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo

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The Cuarto Real  is a building from the 13th century and is considered a preceding of the Nasrid Palace architecture of the Alhambra. It was a possession of the Nasrid monarchs of Granada called the large orchards of the Almanxarra and stands out for the value of its decorations, especially in the Qubba located inside a tower of the old walls of the city.

The building was, subsequently, ceded to the convent of Santa Cruz la Real by the Catholic Monarchs. The former property was suffering successive losses accentuated after the Disental (confiscation of church propertiesby the goberment in  the 19th century). At that time part of the property passed into private hands. In 1990  was adquired by Granada city  council.

The Cuarto Real was declared a Property of Cultural Interest (BIC). Has a room of exhibitions and also a multiple use room



Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Granada
Address: Plaza de los Campos, 6
Postcode: 18009


Tel: 958 849111
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