Conmemoration of Mariana Pineda

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The 26 of May, the city of Granada remembers the figure of Mariana Pineda, a woman who died by her ideals of freedom in 1831, that same day. A commemorative act is celebrated in front of her statue, located in the centric square that takes her name.

Mariana Pineda Muñoz was born in 1804. Her life coincide with a very agitated time in Spain. The liberalism maintained a radical fight for the power against absolutism. When she was fifteen she got married with Manuel Peralta y Valle but she was widow three years later (1822). Influenced by the liberal opinions of her husband it did not take her long in distinguishing by her enthusiasm in favour of freedom, reason why when the absolutism was reinstalled in 1823 by Fernando VIII she was put under a scrupulous monitoring by the State.

After failing the liberal attempts of Espoz y Mine and the one of Torrijos, this last one falling executed next to 52 companions, to recover the constitutional system, the authorities knew that in Andalusia a great liberal insurrection was prepared and that Mariana Pineda was in charge of embroidering a flag for the rebels. Surprised at her house where the flag and the frame were found, she was jailed and quickly condemned to death, suffering the capital punishment showing great serenity and a courage without limit. Time after time she was interrogated so that she confessed the name of her accomplices to save her life, but she resisted and finally she was executed with vile stick.

She pass to history as a liberal heroine whose life was reflected in a popular romance from which Federico Garcia Lorca conceived his play Mariana Pineda.


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